SPA Treatment “Latvian Spells”




Body Rejuvenation and Relaxation.
Made entirely of all-natural cedar wood, cultivated from high elevations in the mountains of Siberia. In one session, you will warm your body, increase circulation, and relax your muscles. Simply let the natural fragrance of cedar combine with the powerful steam elements to amplify relaxation. Use for weight loss, body rejuvenation, cellulite removal, metabolic increase, stress reduction, and body detoxification. Each sauna is hand crafted using the finest Cedar. A 10-15 minutes steam session warms the body, increases circulation and relaxes muscles. Cedar Barrel as an organic cedar steam for one person where your head is not overheated.
For pure self-indulgent pleasure, nothing beats an herbal body wrap. Herbal wraps have long been a staple in body and skin care treatment.More and more people are discovering the benefits of being bundled in warm, moist, herb-scented cloths. Herbal treatment tones the body while it calms the mind. we collect and create many combinations.
A relaxed body massage that works deep into the muscles. This massage is great for those looking to address specific areas of tension.
o Cedar steam sauna a 20 minute (at 40 °C from 50°C);
o Detox body wrap with warm bags of Latvian herbs in the warm Hammam (about 20 min);
o Relaxed head and foot massage;
o Relaxed full body massage (about 40 min);
o Relaxing with tea ritual (about 30 min);

Duration: 2 h


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