SPA ritual “Cedar Fresh”


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Duration: 1,5 h


The cedar aroma gently spreads with the steam and you can enjoy of breathing cedar forest at premise. The combination of steam and aroma greatly increase  your level of relaxation. Use for lose weight, rejuvenate your body, remove cellulite, speed up your metabolism system, reduce stress, relax and detox your body. A cedar steam sauna is a unique method of body rejuvenation, which has no analogues all over the world! This procedure removes fatigue, energizes and rejuvenates not only our body but the soul.

Cedar oil and salt scrub will make your skin silky smooth.Scrub with salt sea draws toxins out of the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory for sore muscles. Salt scrubs are good for removing dead skin like on your feet and elbows, and are the ideal treatment for skin detoxification. salt scrubs are a good choice for where skin can get especially dry and calloused. Of course, salt scrubs should not be used on irritated or cut skin because of sea salt’s stinging properties.

Cedar steam sauna is an organic herbal & aroma steam sauna for one person, made in  Siberia from red cedar wood that grows on the high elevations of the clean ecological Mountains in the world.



  •  Cedar steam sauna a 20 minute  (at 40 °C  from 50°C);
  • Full body sea salt scrub with natural cedar oil on the warm Hammam;
  • Relaxig head and foot massage;
  •  Relaxing in the restroom and herbal tea ritual;



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