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Kobido is a form of Japanese facial massage which aims to rejuvenate the face, preventing and reducing the impact of the aging process. Kobido is a Japanese therapy that helps restore and balance the body’s energy. Applied to the face, it releases facial and neck muscles, relaxing the tension areas that cause wrinkles, and brings vitality back. The combination of Kobido’s energising, delicate and sensitive techniques, applied in a subtle, quick and rhythmic way, induces a great relaxation effect. After a Kobido session you will feel rested, relaxed, with a clear mind, just as after a deep and restful sleep. Therefore Kobido is considered a very effective technique to reduce stress.

Kobido is also known as the “facelift without surgery.”

Thanks to Kobido’s techniques, with a continued treatment in time,you can naturally achieve:
Regain the tone, lightness and moisturization of the skin;
Enhance the beauty and improve the overall appearance of the face, giving it a healthy look and a fresh and youthful feeling;
Gradually reduce (and prevent) wrinkles, sagging and skin blemishes;
Rejuvenate and repair the facial tissue (even scars);
Stimulate cell metabolism, causing the skin to renew faster;
Improve blood circulation and lymph flow, bringing more nutrients to the skin;
Release blocked tension in the facial and neck muscles;
Remove toxins, preventing aging of tissues.


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