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•  Cedar steam sauna a 20 minute  (at 40 °C  from 50°C);

•  Full body massage&scrub with natural honey with amber powder in warm hammam;

•  Relaxed head and foot massage;

•  Relaxing with tea ritual;

Amber is not a simple stone – these are ruins of a magnificent amber palace. It is part of the Latvian national mentality mentioned in songs and remembered by all poets. It is an old adornment that protects from the evil eye. It is the Baltic gold and pride. Cedar steam sauna is an organic herbal & aroma steam sauna for one person, made in  Siberia from red cedar wood that grows on the high elevations of the clean ecological Mountains in the world. The cedar aroma gently spreads with the steam and you can enjoy of breathing cedar forest at premise. The combination of steam and aroma greatly increase  your level of relaxation. Use for lose weight, rejuvenate your body, remove cellulite, speed up your metabolism system, reduce stress, relax and detox your body.

Massage&scrub is carried out in warm Hammam with natural amber powder and real honey will effectively remove old, dead skin cells. Rituals made for a delightful smoothing effect on your body. Your new skin cells will grow faster to give you a smoother, softer and younger looking appearance. Natural healing processes are the best method for restoring your skin to a more youthful look. The result is smooth, polished, impurity free, bright and luminous skin. It is said that the power of amber is the energy of sun accumulated in it over the centuries: crystal pieces used to consume the warmth of the Sun sinking down into the red-coloured sea every evening and the life-giving light of rising sun every morning. Amber, northern gold, is a highly valuable and important mineral. It does not matter whether we are searching for the mysterious Amber Room alluring by infinite wealth, hanging an image formed of small amber pieces on the wall, put on an amber necklace, the national Latvian adornment, brought from the seaside, press an amber amulet which protects from the evil eye in the pocket, or amber tea on a cold winter evening, we all have at least some relation to this mineral. And the knowledge about amber, its history and healing powers only helps to use the best of what we have.



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