Gift “Slavic Massage with Steam Bath Ritual”


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Duration: 2 h

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Cedar is a symbol of strength, health, longevity a source of protection, wisdom and abundance. The unique healing properties of cedar and bath treatment have been known during centuries. World herbalists have managed to create a tool which combines the life-giving power of the baths and the healing power of cedar. A cedar barrel is a unique method of healing the body, which has no analogues all over the world! This procedure removes fatigue, energizes and rejuvenates not only our body but the soul. Using cedar spa steam sauna, you will plunged into the mountain smells of herbs, and then rested on a massage table you will understand that the healing power of nature is much closer! The barrel made without nails, screws, glue and other chemicals.

You will discover new feelings in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in Naturmed SPA.

Duration 120 minutes and ritual included:

  • Steam sauna made in Siberia from red cedar wood ( at 40°c – to 50 °c) about 20 minutes;
  • Special ancient Slavic massage with natural oil and cedar wood essential oil – 60 minutes;
  • Relax in the restroom with heral tea about 30 minutes;

An ancient Slavonic massage from Naturmed SPA fills with health and confidence. Its not a simple massage, it’s a conversation with your body. Slavic massage using daily to balance our bodies and minds and enable to deal with the problems of such a rigorous lifestyle. During a Slavic massage treatment, the therapist’s energetic connection with the client is of the upper most importance in order that the therapist can really listen to the body. The focus of a treatment is about support, communication through touch, intuition and duality of movement within the application of specific techniques applied by the hands and arms. Slavic massage is about inducing deep relaxation, lightening the senses, restoring balance, poise and through doing so helping to initiate transformation of the body and mind.



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