French woman’s secrets


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Duration – 1h 30 min


Indulge in our most luxurious body treatment with rich, delicate textures and soft, subtle scents. A journey for all your senses, experience a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility as the skin is enveloped in a protective cocoon where time is suspended. A captivating exfoliation with hints of rose and blackcurrant is followed with our soothing signature massage infused with our precious Secrets de Sothys body cream. Awaken from your journey completely restored with skin that feels as if it has been wrapped in velvet, skin and cashmere.

Body treatment “French woman’s secrets” elegantly and stylishly combines the ingredients for the ultimate unique treatment, an unforgettable well-being experience.

A 3 steps body care :

  • after waking prelude,
  • granita scrub sublimates your body
  • body wrap
  • a nourishing massage which transports you in deep relaxation.

+ facial mask for your skin type!




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