Amber Cleansing Ritual


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Duration – 1,5 h



Amber Cleansing  designed specifically for men and women to the purpose of inflow of energy, purification and inner beauty
Amber Cleasing ritual lasting 1.5 hours

Amber gravitational test foot massage, to activate the points of the internal organs and skin of the face.
Amber reflex massage of hands (Sudzhok Beauty), aimed at relaxing and relieving the stress of the brain, checking the flexibility of the joints of the body and enhancing the work of the liver.
Phyto amber bone and tendon massage meridians and joints of the body.
Vertical and horizontal knocking amber wooden sticks
Amber-visceral deep + therapy of the abdomen to improve the trophism and microcirculation of the liver of the gallbladder and pelvic organs.
Amber massage of the lumbar + occipital zone and gluteus muscles


contour face massage or resonant tree brain massage “Sunny Rain” or magic tree amber sticks for massage.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the result:
-light legs.
-light head
-mood improvement
-happy eyes
-cheerfulness and lightness
-a surge of strength and energy … *
-activation of metabolic processes
-feeling of relaxation
-restoration of joint flexibility


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