The strength of the Latvian herbal will help you to take off stress, relax in the wellness centre Naturmed SPA.

Massages – deep tissue, relaxing, anti-stress, Lomi Lomi, a special massage from Naturmed or others massages from our professional specialists.

Warm hamam, gentle herbal flavor and SPA rituals will save care, bodys youth and fill your soul with gladness. Specially prepared for you a unique latvian herbal tea – and the spirit is strengthened and your body recover for active life.

In our spa you can get some rest equal to a whole day spent in the cedar forest. Cedar steam sauna is an organic herbal & aroma steam sauna for one person, made in Siberia from red cedar wood that grows on the high elevations of the clean ecological Mountains in the world. From warm steam that enters barrel, blood vessels broaden, blood flows to the skin, muscles, joints, all internalss and a head in not inside sauna, that allows to get this procedure even that, who not carrie hight temperatures. Healtfull steam help opening pores and eliminate toxins from ogranism. You will discover new feelings in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in Naturmed SPA. Dip into the world of peace and feel new positive emotions.

Naturmed SPA